Jack Russell Terrier

Junior Winner,4xCAC,1xCACIB,2xBOB,RBOG
There is a possibility of sending frozen semen in any part of the world



Bjorsatters Peer Gynt

Kanix Speed Wagon

Ch.Beaconway Scotch Coke

Hocuspokus Percival

Malung Merry Legs

Future of Noescha's Ispiration

Baylock Son of Plon

Amelia Maxime of the Hunters Prise

Saltidgardens Jazz for You

Ch.Inverbrae John of Gaunt

Inverbrae Black Berry

Inverbrae Alexandra

Ch.Macbreadly Dark Victory

Caddarra Jackahearts

Macbreadly Dame Edna

Bushwak's Jack Penny

Int.Ch.Bushwak's Aussie Boy to Saltis

Ch.Myrmidon Jack Cam

Ch. Myrmidon Jack Rodger

Windermere Trixie

Ch.Myrmidon Jack Gayna

Myrmidon Jack Mick

Myrmidon Jack Nagoya

Bushwak's Jack Itzy

Int.Ch.Myrmidon Jack Nimiss

Myrmidon Jack Niz

Malung Jr. Muscara Miss

Bushwak's Aussie Adeleide

Myrmidon Jack Rascal

Tihany Jay Azia

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